Areas of activity

Personal advice to build tailor-made solutions.
Areas of activity:


The Firm provides assistance to companies in relation to:
• Planning the choice of the best corporate structure to optimise tax and governance efficiency;
• Incorporation of companies, drafting of Memorandums of Association, Articles of Assciation and shareholders' agreements;
• Assistance with extraordinary finance operations Mergers, spin-offs, property spin-offs, transformations, contributions, transfers of shares and quotas, sales and acquisitions of companies;
• Drafting of annual, consolidated and periodic financial statements;
• Administrative and accounting outsourcing services;
• Corporate domiciliation and tax representation;
• Business valuations
• Tax & legal due diligence
• Balance sheet analysis
• Business Plan/Industrial plan drafting
• Management control and management, corporate and business organisation


Reorganisation and restructuring of corporate groups
• Tax planning strategies in corporate groups;
• Planning in the choice of the best corporate location in order to optimise tax efficiency;
• Assistance in the establishment and management of companies abroad;
• Consulting and assistance to Italian entrepreneurs in foreign markets;
• Consulting and assistance to foreign operators with activities in Italy, also through the hiring of foreign representative offices in Italy;
• Check on transfer pricing;
• Preparation of periodical reports to foreign parent companies;
• Tax Ruling.

Assistance to clients in relations with banks and other lenders and in the search for financial and/or industrial partners;
Elaboration of business plans for the launch of new initiatives, for the analysis of the prospects of managerial and/or structural changes, with short-medium (3-5 years) and long-term time projections;
Assistance to the activities of Start-up Incubators including the management of relations with Business Angles and Ventures Capital.


 • Advisor and contractual consultancy in Private Equity operations;
 • Consultancy in the start-up and development phases, feasibility studies and drafting of business plans;
 • Planning of generational business transfers with possible entry of financial investors and industrial partners;
 • Evaluation of companies and shareholdings, intangible assets and brand evaluation;
 • Due Diligence in accounting, tax and legal matters;
 • Verification of direct and indirect taxation management procedures;
 • Search for industrial and financial partners in fund raising activities. 


 • Assistance and planning for the generational transfer of family, real estate and business assets;
 • Consulting in the management of real estate assets;
 • Assistance in the investment and disposal of real estate assets;
 • Protection and enhancement of real estate assets;
 • Establishment of trusts and advice in the drafting of family agreements;
 • Administration of companies and movable and real estate assets;

 • Assistance to minority shareholders of corporations



  • Contracts and law in trade;
  • Advice and assistance in negotiations relating to real estate, such as purchases and sales, leases, leases for residential or other use, comodati and contracts for the construction of buildings or the provision of services;
  • Company law;
  • Arbitration;
  • New technology law: the subject is characterised by the need to investigate and resolve legal issues in particularly advanced technological sectors, often not yet specifically regulated.
  • Advising on compliance with the obligations under Legislative Decree 231/2001 regarding the liability of the Entities.

    In addition, also through the support of highly qualified and specialised Partners, legal assistance is provided in disputes on:
  • Civil
  • Corporate
  • Banking and Financial
  • Bankruptcy
  • Labour Law

also through the study of the opportunity and management of amicable settlements and out-of-court settlements


The Professionals hold the position of Statutory Auditor and Auditor in companies, including large and listed companies, and provide qualified assistance in relation to:
• Certification of accounts and financial statements
• Due diligence

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